Ecobag launches coreless Eco friendly TPS

One of the core values at the heart of the management team at Ecobag is to not follow, but instead to lead, and constantly strive to be at the forefront of industry and their latest product is no exception.

This month Ecobag are proud to launch their new coreless Eco TPS (temporary protective sheeting) range.

In isolation it could seem somewhat of an overreaction to get excited over what is predominantly a basic LDPE general purpose sheeting, possessing modest aesthetic qualities yet totally fit for purpose, but the optimism comes from the sustainable attributes that has been introduced to the manufacturing process of the new product.

Through a rigorous sampling and inspection process at source, the highest quality post-consumer LDPE material is selected for manufacture. This gives Ecobag the ability to produce a product of great quality whilst maintaining it’s 100% recycled content.

Not being content with just producing a 100% recycled product, Ecobag looked to make this product even more sustainable by completely removing the cardboard core. They achieved this by investing in bespoke machinery at the manufacturing plant, allowing the product to be produced without the need of a cardboard inner. This will have a hugely positive environmental impact, reducing the cardboard content of shipping container full of TPS from 2.64 metric tonnes to zero. Over a 12-month period based on current sales figures, this would save 158 metric tonnes of cardboard.

We now find ourselves in a world of constant excess and waste, so it must be acknowledged and applauded, that Ecobag are doing their bit to make a positive impact.